The Design/Build Advantage

Combining the design and construction process saves you time, money and headaches. Design/Build means that one company handles both the design of the project and its construction. Our designer works with you to create a plan that satisfies your ideas and budget and oversees the construction, attending to all details so that the project is completed on time and within budget.

The advantages of hiring Lone Star Building & Construction Services, Inc.:

  • Customer participation in the design
  • Design and build a project within your budget
  • Work with one company
  • An efficient working team that knows design and construction
  • Complete familiarity with the project because the team that designed your project will also handle the construction
  • Coordination of design and construction to complete the project on schedule

The Process

Skip the headaches. At Lone Star Building & Construction, we will walk you through the entire process in advance. Here’s a step-by-step procedure you can expect for your Design/Build project:

The Initial Consultation

  1. Introduction of remodelers services and qualifications
  2. Client introduction and background information
  3. Project parameters and overview
  4. Priorities of the desired project
  5. Level and cost of preliminary design
  6. Budget parameters
  7. Owner provided documents
  8. Establish time frame

Design Meeting

  1. Review and signing of preliminary design agreement
  2. Partial payment for preliminary design work
  3. Set time for field measurements, photos and field investigations

Field Measurement Meeting

  1. Digital photos
  2. Measure home for preliminary design
  3. Investigate existing conditions
  4. Discuss specifics of desired design and products to be used
  5. Owner to start the selection process
  6. Set next meeting

Preliminary Design Meeting

  1. Present owner with preliminary design
  2. Discuss and finalize preliminary design
  3. Owner to present basic selection requirements on products
  4. Set final preliminary design meeting

Preliminary Design Finalization Meeting

  1. Present owner with final preliminary design
  2. Discuss product selections and create viable allowance figures
  3. Discuss budget vs. general costs
  4. Set next meeting time

Remodeling Estimate Meeting

  1. Provide client with the final preliminary design
  2. Review preliminary design
  3. Provide client an accurate and firm estimate
  4. Discuss estimate, client's desires and needs
  5. Finalize remodeling cost and contract parameters
  6. Discuss financing and construction documents
  7. End of preliminary design process

Contract & Financing Meeting

  1. Prepare and discuss contract and specification documents
  2. Financing requirements have been met
  3. Sign contract and provide builder with initial down payment
  4. Discuss selections and continue with the selection process
  5. Set next meeting time

Architectural Drawing Meeting

  1. Provide client completed plans for review
  2. Make minor changes of completed plans
  3. Discuss selections and desired products
  4. Submit completed drawing for permitting
  5. Set next meeting time

Final Pre-Construction Design Meeting

  1. Provide client with completed architectural-engineered drawing
  2. Client to approve final drawings
  3. Client to have all unspecified products selected
  4. Set starting date and pre-job meeting

Pre-Job Conference

  1. Introduction of project manager
  2. Set parameters for entire project
  3. Discuss client concerns and key issues
  4. Set scheduled meeting times
  5. Provide a project schedule and discuss with the client
  6. Provide emergency contact information
  7. Finalize project start date

When we work for you, we’re building more than your home. We’re building your dream.
Contact us today to discuss design/build possibilities for your home!