What is Your Dream?

It all starts with a dream. Imagine the home you’ve always wanted…
Lone Star can make it a reality.

Does your kitchen scream 1980's? If so, it's probably time for a kitchen renovation. The kitchen, one of the busiest rooms in the home, requires careful thought when planning a remodel. There are many factors involved in creating your dream kitchen to consider including layout, storage, lighting, materials and design finishes.

We will transform your kitchen into a place of lasting value, functionality and modern design. 

Have your circumstances changed since you purchased your home? Perhaps you have new household members—a baby or an elderly parent joining your family.   You need more space and better functioning space to fit your current lifestyle.  A home addition or interior reconfiguration may be the perfect solution.

We will create a space to not only look beautiful and be functional, but stand the test of time.

Did you know that bathrooms are perhaps the most important rooms in a home? Sure, you need a place to put your bed and cook your food, but when it comes to an area that makes you feel good, the bathroom is that place. The place to take a long hot shower or a warm bath in a soaking tub. A momentary place of solitude or the place where you think of your best ideas!

Don't take your bathrooms for granted, let us transform them into feel good spaces!

Is your attic or garage underutilized or unfinished? A garage can be more than just a convenient way to protect your cars from inclement weather and theft. It is an opportunity to get the extra space you need for a Home Office, In-Law Suite, Man Cave or She Shed. There are so many possibilities!

We've converted many garages into valuable living spaces.

Whether you need a new kitchen, bathroom, room addition, outdoor living space or whole house remodel, Lone Star Building and Construction Services will help transform your home into your dream home.


Timeless Solutions, Superior Craftsmanship